Visitors are very welcome and it is not necessary to book.   £3.50 (Members £2.00) with free refreshments.

Contact: Richard Frost 01275 472797

Winscombe Talks

These will be held at St. James’s Church Hall, Woodborough Road, Winscombe BS25 1BA, and will commence at 2.30pm

Thursday 11th January

“The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance” by Debbie Birtwhistle

Listen to the story of how this once little known service has now become a major player in our local Emergency Services.  If you use our hills, then you will need to know how the existence of this vital specialist ambulance service can help you in an emergency. Since their launch in March 2008 they have flown nearly 12,000 missions, helping to save lives – one day – it could be yours.

Friday 19th January

“Steep Holm-The Island of Magic & Mystery” by Dave Wallace

Sit back to find out some little known facts of this small island in the Bristol Channel, isolated by brisk tidal currents. Owned and managed by the Kenneth Allsop Memorial trust, it lies nearly six miles offshore from Weston-super-Mare. Despite and indeed because of its isolation, Steep Holm is a rewarding place to visit, with visitors welcome on scheduled trips.

The occupation of Steep Holm stretches back into antiquity, and Dave Wallace is just the person to tell us its story, having been involved with the Trust for very many years.

Thursday 22nd February

“The Art of Story Telling in Wildlife Television” by Lizzie Bewick

Don't miss this one! Come and listen to Lizzie Bewick telling and showing us how telling a good story is the only way to make a successful film. Lizzie produced many of the 76 episodes of the ever popular ‘The Big Cat Diaries’, the BBC Natural History programme, which have become legend in broadcasting. This is a very important skill to have in the modern world where ‘media’ seems to be everything

Thursday 8th March

“The Future of the A.O.N.B.” by Jim Hardcastle

Come and listen to this very important talk from the organisation that we have worked in close partnership with during the past two years, the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Team led by Jim Hardcastle. Jim was an instructor on that team some years ago, but after several years’ experience in media work returned as its Manager. Who better to know about, and pass on to us, the careful planning which has gone into the future of the A.O.N.B. which ensures the quality of life for all those who live and work on and visit these Hills 

Wells Talks

These will be held at the Wells Museum, 8 Cathedral Green,  Wells BA5 2UE, and will commence at 2.30pm.

Thursday 25th January

"Not just Orwell" by Dolores Long

With Spain very much in the news, this interesting talk -which has its roots in the Spanish Civil War and the International Brigade will be very pertinent and will unravel the history of the times for us. The Spanish ‘very international’ Civil War, widely known in Spain simply as The Civil War or The War, took place from 17th July 1936 to 1st April 1939, and began when Spain was declared a Republic – for the second time.

Friday 16th February

“Starfish & Subterfuge" by Mike Chipperfield

During the Second World War sites called ‘Special Fire, or SF sites were created in a nationwide top secret project in our defence system. However, one early site on the Mendip Hills was given the name "Starfish", which then became the code used for all of the decoy cities. They were controlled from nearby bunkers and the one on the Mendips is still there today. Mike Chipperfield is an ex- Mendip Ranger who knows more than most about the history of this part in the long story of our Mendip Hills.




Based at the Pheasant Inn, Worth, Wookey, (BA5 1LQ), this year’s Wassail will be organised by member Terry Gifford. Les Davies has agreed to be Master of Ceremonies again and the ceremony itself will again be enlivened by Barley Rye Choir, who will sing Somerset Wassail songs in all the right places, and may even perform another Mummers play for us. Also invited along is Somerset Morris, a women’s Morris side, who will be dancing as we gather – so come prepared for an evening of joining in! 

As Worth is a small village and parking is limited, the Wassail will be for Members Only and car sharing is encouraged

Starting at 6.00 pm in the pub carpark this event is free but Barley Rye and Somerset Morris will have a collection towards the charity of their choice.  

(Mulled cider and apple cake will be available for a donation)

 We will be eating at the Pheasant afterwards – if you would like to join us please send a deposit of £10 plus an email address for a menu to Terry Gifford, Ben Knowle Farmhouse, Castle Lane, Wookey, BA5 1NL. For £15 there will be a carvery with vegetarian alternative, plus desert. There’s limited seating, so do book now!

 Warm clothing, good shoes/boots for grass and a torch for light are all advisable.

 For information contact Terry on 01749 679128.  

Friday 23rd March          Annual General Meeting and Social Evening

The 2018 AGM will be held at the Draycott Memorial Hall, Latches Lane, Draycott BS27 3UE on Friday 23rd March 2018 at 6.30pm

To be followed by a talk by The Editor of The Mendip Times, Mr. Steve Eggington.

Copyright 2017 The Mendip Society


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