Family Wild Day Out and Picnc in Slader's Leigh Nature Reserve 26th May (photos by Judith Tranter)

Bug hotel building also very popular

Tours through the tunnel also popular

Flower printing under cover with Sally

Fascination with nature

Somerset Earth Science Centre at Slader's Leigh

The best mode of transport to our Family Wild day out.

A beautiful grass snake

After the Westbury Walk, 11 May 2019

by Terry Gifford

The song thrush sings from the highest

soft frond of the thrusting garden pine,

its measled breast bright in the last sun,

until it stops, hears an answer, tilts its head,

beak no longer thin-nosed pliers plying love,

and it’s gone, into love or death, speckled eggs

or feathers like we found in the lane linking

meadows that were not there, heart-stopping

underfoot, yesterday in a recce of this walk.

We mused upon metaphors as we walked.

An exploded cushion? A spill of quills?

A sparrowhawk kill of a magpie in the mud,

not striking white, but sad grey and those

last lines of black, the devil’s mark of

the thief, egg-stealer, loud marauder,

now trampled in the mud by the Mendip Society

Walking Group talking and walking towards

the garden of Westbury-sub-Mendip’s Inn.

A Charcoal Making and Drawing Day Saturday 13th April (photos Judith Tranter)

You never know what you are going to get when opening a 'burn'

Re-filling the kiln for the 2nd burn

Always a huge plume of thick smoke to start with

Laying the fire under the kiln

Light the paper and stand back

Everyone settles down with willow charcoal sticks to draw what catches their eye

The second burn slows down to steady smoke 

Result - as shown by Les Davies

A barrel load of the black stuff

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