Sladers Leigh Work Party - Clear Pond and Bench 10th July (photos by Judith Tranter)

- Anyone know what this fungus is ?

The betony is great this year amongst the grasses and meadowsweet

We put up dormice boxes on the embankment

The Small Leaved Limes are smothered in flowers this year

Cleared the newly planted hedge line of weed growth

Lots of little frogs in the grass

A Society Open Day at Westbury Quarry 15th June (photos by Judith Tranter)

One wet day

Pond Creature Interest

Peter Hardy

Pond Dipping

Tucksey and life belt

Put it here!

Rain on the tent

Wall Gang

Family Wild Day Out and Picnc in Slader's Leigh Nature Reserve 26th May (photos by Judith Tranter)

Bug hotel building also very popular

Tours through the tunnel also popular

Flower printing under cover with Sally

Fascination with nature

Somerset Earth Science Centre at Slader's Leigh

The best mode of transport to our Family Wild day out.

A beautiful grass snake

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