Saturday 18th August Walk around Blackmoor Lead Mines led by Richard Frost , as part of the Mendip Rocks Festival. (Photos by Judith Tranter)

A bracing Mendip day

Follow me!

Examining the slag

How to tell if the miners were Roman or Victorian

How to get over a Mendip Wall Stile demonstrated by a new Young Ranger gracefully

The flues are overgrown

Saturday 31st August Walk around Charterhouse , as part of the Mendip Rocks Festival.  (Photos by Judith Tranter)

Led by Andrew Newton , a doctor with a huge interest in , and knowledge of Roman Britain , pre, during and after their stay here. It was an extremely interesting walk

In the garden of St. Hugh's chapel looking at the amphitheatre
across the fields.

A talking stop

Looking at and handling Roman artifacts

Start of the walk across towards the Burrington Rakes

Back at St. Hugh's with Roman sweet bread and juice and question time

Fascination for one little boy

Sladers Leigh Work Party - Clear Pond and Bench 10th July (photos by Judith Tranter)

- Anyone know what this fungus is ?

The betony is great this year amongst the grasses and meadowsweet

We put up dormice boxes on the embankment

The Small Leaved Limes are smothered in flowers this year

Cleared the newly planted hedge line of weed growth

Lots of little frogs in the grass

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