Tania's Wood Work Party 7th March (photos by Judith Tranter)

Dead trees are valuable but standing dead trees are valuable too.

Fallen timber is burnt up by Julian Butter.   Fallen timber and debris accumulated over many years is cleared to make areas for wild flowers to thrive (there is always lots left for wildlife homes)

Drainage ditches and culverts are cleared out after the winter to drain the land

The hedge laid in January and the huge amount of brash left behind

Plenty of timber left for the charcoal burn, more hedging stakes, the Forest School children to enjoy – and lots left over for wood piles

Banwell (Candlemass) Walk 2nd February led by Pauline Trapp (photo by Geoff Timms)

Mendip Winter Wonderland 1st February (photo by Mary Heffernan)

Hedge Laying Days 11th and 12th January (with Tina Bath and Chris Claxton photos by Judith Tranter)

Friday 11th

2nd day group hedging

Tristan and Richard in the ditch

John Steers , in the midst of it

Give it a pull now advises Chris

A perfect hedge

The class of 2019 on Friday

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