Geocaching Walk 14th October Photos by Roger Penniceard

Rocktober Festival Launch 30th September (Photos by Judith Tranter)

Stone Mason shows how.                                                            Carving alabaster at the Mendip Rocktober Festival in Wells

Examples of Stone Mason's current work 

Ploughing Competition at Priddy 27th September (Photos by Judith Tranter)

Ploughing with horses and tractors, walling and hedging competitions.

Radstock Industrial Heritage Walk 0ctober 7th led by Roger Moses. (Part of the Mendip Rocks Festival)

Photos by Denise Poole

Tania's Wood Work Day 24th September (Photos by Judith Tranter)

Deer Leap Bank at the start                                                           and at the end

Refreshment Facilities

 Under the Gazebo by the display boards are Glyn England's daughter and Grand-daughter
who came to see what we are doing

The photos below are from the other main task , which was coppicing another row of
hazels in the same grove as last year to get a rotation going .
All the trees were cut to form big stools and then were covered with brash
from the branches to protect the new growth from being eaten by deer .
The resulting stakes left over are for use on the hedging days in November

Mendip Society Chairman (Richard Frost) would like to thank everyone who helped

Mendip Views

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