Coppicing in Tania's Wood January 2021 (just before the lockdown). Photos by Judith Tranter

The snowy Mendip Hills from Tania's wood        Coppicing the very overgrown hazel trees

Coppiced hazel brush covered                     Making hedging stakes

Useful timber kept upright after coppicing         The last hazel in the row coppiced

Chewing over the day                   The Deer Leap Bank is kept clear

A visitor on the bank

January Scenes. Photos by Mary Heffernan

Near Hazel Farm, above Compton Martin

Frosty morning at Charterhouse                              Rainy day at East Harptree Woods

Stockhill Woods. December 2020. Photos by Mary Heffernan

Fungi in Stockhill Woods, November. Photos by Mary Heffernan

October - photo by Judith Tranter

Tania's Wood 20th October - mending the flight of steps between two areas of the wood.

Thanks to Malcolm and Tucksey who did the work. Photos by Judith Tranter

Mendip Scenes (October) photos by Mary Heffernan

In Stockhill Woods                     Fungi in East Harptree Woods

Slader's Leigh  August 2020  Clearing the Field.  Photos by Judith Tranter

Here we are, minding our own business, when ....    this wave of smoke hits us

The other pile is this high                What an armful

Get me out of here                  A better way of collecting, but we need a fourth corner        

Step2. Approach the heap                 a final push on to the top

A watched fire never burns

Slader's Leigh August 2020 - Cutting the Grass    Photos by Judith Tranter

Mowing using a power sythe then raking it into rows - hard work for the five volunteers. We found a Great Green Bush cricket which was subsequently identified (from the photo) by Bristol Record Office; it was huge and gorgeous.

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